Dachshund Has His Very Own Zen Moment

Everyone needs that one zen moment where all they have on their mind is peace and quiet. You know, that point in time, when you are free of everything and anything and nothing can intrude into your very own quiet space.

If you love and appreciate your zen moments, then I’m sure you’ll also appreciate this little cutie’s zen moment as he goes into doggie daydream in this video.

Dachshunds, like most dogs, love to graze. I think it calms their minds down. I mean, you would be constantly agitated if all you really thought of was the rabbits and squirrels that you just let slip away because your momma called you home.

That’s probably why this cutie decided it was about time to go grazing on some grass. That or he really just does love to graze on some grass.

Hoe many dachshunds do you know who love to graze? If you really can’t think of one, then here’s a cutie in the video on the next page who just loves the feel of grass against his teeth.

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9 thoughts on “Dachshund Has His Very Own Zen Moment

  1. Thank you for posting this; the camera angle for this low-rider grass chomping brownie,the sounds of birds and the lawn mower in the distance-very familiar, and appreciated!

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