Have You Seen A Dachshund Floss Their Teeth?

Dental hygiene is as important to dogs as it is to humans. These two doxies in this video know that and that’s why they are quite eager when their mom comes over with a string of dental floss to help them clean all the bits of food off their teeth.

Such well trained little wieners. When mom approaches with the floss the mouths open and they know the drill. They must love the feel of that string pulling through their mouth.

It’s almost scary that such cute little dachshunds could have such frightening teeth. All the better to eat you with, right?

Owners have complained that it is difficult to brush their dogs’ teeth while others have said that flossing is nearly impossible so maybe the deal is to start them when they are babies and they grow up thinking it's part of the every day fun.

dachshunds flossing their teeth

However, the mom in this video shows that it can be done and quite easily too provided you can train your doxie on what is expected from them.

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