Is There Anything to Eat At The Bottom Of That Bag

Dachshunds are always comedians and usually they don't even know it especially when it's time to eat. With their ever present food cravings and comedic ability this makes for some funny situations like in this video.

Here are two very busy dachshunds as they play in the kitchen investigating a dry dog food bag they have found on the floor.

Like all dachshunds they are eternally hungry and thought there just might be something at the bottom of the bag.

Their mom asks them are they hungry. ‘Well yes mom, have you got anything else to eat because there is absolutely nothing at the bottom of this bag. I should know I have been in there and checked out every square inch.'

dachshund in food bag

You would never let your pups loose on their own with an empty bag but their mom is here with them so these two are quite safe and just plain funny.

See the big food bag investigation in the video on the next page.

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10 thoughts on “Is There Anything to Eat At The Bottom Of That Bag

  1. I can’t believe you promote this as “cute” . . . just Google Prevent Pet Suffocation in bags and see how many have died being cute. This type of promotion in reprehensible!

    1. I never thought of that possibility although it’s their nature to burrow into anything and everything. Thanx for alerting me to this potential danger. Instead of scolding the owner and website, use this wonderful opportunity to alert owners of this breed of the danger. We dachshund owners love our babies like children and wouldn’t intentionally put our babies in danger. Wiener dogs rule!!

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