This Monkey Is A Second Mom To The Dachshund Puppy! Adorable!


What do you think could be cuter than a dachshund puppy? There’s few things that can beat that level of cuteness unless you have a whole herd of dachshund puppies but add a dachshund puppy to an incredibly cute Mali monkey and you have an unbeatably cute “couple”.

The video on the next page stars this incredible duo and as you will soon see from the way they interact, they just love each other. The monkey is a real little mommy to the puppy.

I really love the way these two play with each other. The way the monkey keeps constantly holding onto the puppy is simply the cutest. She is acting quite like a mom with her baby and just can't keep her hands away.

Capuchin monkey playing with dachshund puppy

The puppy clearly loves all this attention he is getting from his hairy friend. You can tell how happy he is from all the licking he is doing. I’m sure after all this fun, the monkey will need to take a bath or two from all that puppy love!

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