(Video) Georgia Mom Defends Her Dachshunds From Attacking Owl

A Georgia woman chased off an owl after it allegedly assaulted her two dachshunds Tuesday morning shore of Atlanta.  In accordance with ABC affiliate WSB, Deborah Johnson allow her dogs out to the afternoon as soon as an owl appeared and began attacking her pups.

On the lookout for the closest item that could function as a weapon to fight the owl, Johnson caught a leaf blower. “I turn the mill,” Johnson told WSB. “I walk and I flip the loud mill on cuz they do not like that loud sound.”


Johnson stated that the owl was on the bigger side, measuring a few feet tall. It was so large, Johnson stated, its wings wrapped her bigger puppy, Gabe. Despite being armed with all the leaf blower, Johnson explained the owl turned out of her puppies. “As soon as I touched the owl he obtained me on,” Johnson stated. “He knocked me down, flat on the floor.” Johnson also stated that the owl simply went off after she began kicking and crying.

She suffered only minor injuries but didn't visit a regional urgent care center to receive a tetanus shot as a precaution, based on WSB.

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  1. I have owls in my neighborhood and when I hear them hooting close, I go out with my doxie. We have a leash law, so he’s always on one and I figure my being there will discourage an owl from trying to attack him since I’m much larger and I stay as close as I can.

  2. We nearly lost our mini dachshund to a redtail hawk had it not been for the quick thinking and action of the couple dog sitting our little guy. We are wise to the owls and birds of prey now ever more so.

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